2014 Conference Presentations

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - Preconference
Emerging Issues for Source Water Workshop
Jeff KauffmanColumbus DPU
Recent Issues in Source Water Protection
Barb Lubberger, Ohio EPA
Columbus DPU
Tour - Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Agriculture Laboratories
Management Development Seminar
Tracy Owens, Ohio Six Sigma
Mo Wright, RAMA Consulting Group
Reliability Centered Maintenance - RCM2
Keith Kortz, Strategic
Technologies, LLC.
Maureen Metcalf
Metcalf & Associates, Inc.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - AM Technical Sessions
Green Technologies
Qingshi Tu, PhD Candidate
University of Cincinnati
Kevin T. Krejny, Montgomery County
Andrew Hunter
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Hunter Kelly, Columbus DPU
Hazem Gheith, ARCADIS
Kwasi Amoah, Dynotec, Inc.
Vinnie Tremante, ARCADIS
Mugdha Mathure, MS Student
University of Cincinnati
Patrick Bollman
Engineered Treatment Systems
Brian W. Branch
Process Solutions, Inc.
Joseph Lupo
Molycorp, Inc.
Tom Williams
Aqua Metrology Systems
Bill Johngrass, URS Corporation
Kevin Givins, City of Wooster
Clemens Halene, quasar energy group
Christopher Pawlowski and
Shawn Loew, AECOM
Dr. Samuel Jeyanayagam and
Dr. Julian Sandino, CH2M HILL
Don Esping, Brown and Caldwell
Ting Lu
Black & Veatch
Richard Stuck
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Jim Springer
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Stan Zachopoulos, MWH
Maggie Rodgers, Cleveland Water
Jessica Glowczewski
Akron Water Supply
UV-254 nm-Assisted Photochemical Destruction of Iodinated Pharmaceuticals
Xiaodi Duan, PhD Candidate
University of Cincinnati
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - PM Technical Sessions
Customer Service
Christa Dickey and Kevin Kilbane, City of Westerville
Diana Steck, City of Xenia
Ray Schwarz, Neptune Equipment
Sherri O’Brien, SmartBill, LLC
Ask the Experts Panel – Customer Service, Water, Sewer, Training
Pam Whited, United Water; Richard Lorenz, City of Westerville; Michael Caprella, City of Lima; Curtis Truss, OTCO
Sierra McCreary, Black & Veatch
April Winklmann, MTJMA
Michael Dirth, TOMCO2 Systems
Todd Latchaw
Nelson Environmental Inc.
Mike Duer, Tideflex Technologies
Jeff M. Miller and Tim Murphy Schneider Electric
Rick Johnson
Clearas Water Recovery
Utility Management
Rina N. Dalal, T&M Associates
John Gonzalez, NEORSD
Dominic J. Hanket, Columbus DPU; Robert W. McGormley,
Gresham, Smith and Partners
Cindy Jacobsen and Donald Pinto, T&M Associates
Keena Smith, City of Columbus DPU
Mac McCauley, CT Consultants
Chris Clark, Logan County Water Pollution Control District
George F. Meyers
Columbus Dept. of Public Utilities
The Fabulous Lab Game Show
Jerome Wright and Miyah Dunford, City of Dayton WRF
The Nature of Defensible Data
John Hoffman, Alloway
Predictive Models and Beach Water Quality Advisories - Villa Angela Beach
Lindsey Koplow, NEORSD
Development of Energy Efficient, Low Cost, and Green Technology for In-Situ Remediation of Freshwater Sediment Using Ultrasound
Zongsu Wei, PhD Candidate
The Ohio State University
Optimization of EPA Method 1664 B for Oil and Grease Using Solid Phase Extraction
Brian McFarland
City of Lancaster
Understanding and Predicting Harmful Cyanobacterial Algal Blooms
Donna Francy and Erin Stelzer
U.S. Geological Survey
Thursday, August 28, 2014 - AM Technical Sessions
Jeremy Cook, URS Corporation
Lance Livesay, City of Fairborn
Joseph Clouse, Columbus DPU
Dr. Annie Vanrenterghem Raven, infraPLAN, Chris Heltzel, ARCADIS
Niranjan Deshpande
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
David Pyzoha and Katie Nolan
Gresham Smith and Partners
Michele Gilkerson, Randy Warner, Ron Christian, Tim Huffman, Columbus DPU
Wastewater Treatment
Nick Bucurel, Brown and Caldwell
Greg Binder, NEORSD
Jason Tincu, City of Dayton
Be Careful What You Wish For – Unintended Consequences of Effective Biological Phosphorus Removal
James Gellner and Dan Miklos
Hazen and Sawyer
Wenguo Feng
CHA Consulting Inc.
Deborah Schafer, Jacobs Engineering Group and Mark Zilli, MSDGC
Ned Talbot
O’Brien & Gere
Water Treatment
Comparing Carbon Options for DBP Control
Bret M. Casey, Hazen and Sawyer
Ramesh D Kashinkunti
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Alissa O’Donnell
University of Cincinnati
Ying Hong
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Jeff Macomber, CDM Smith
Scott Lockhart, Columbus DPU
Katie Nolan and David S. Pyzoha
Gresham Smith and Partners
Tim Koch, Brown and Caldwell
Ali Bahar, MSDGC
Scott Ankrom and Curt Courter
Hazen and Sawyer
Elizabeth Ehret, ms consultants, inc., Hazem Gheith, ARCADIS
Juan Granja, URS Corp
Steve Janosko, NEORSD
Anil Tangirala
ms consultants, inc.
Utility Management
Northeast Ohio Plant Operations User Group
“Encouraging Dialogue to Promote Plant Operations Excellence”
Jeffrey Bronowski, City of Akron
Lessons Learned from Dayton Water’s Successful Implementation of a
Sustainable Asset Management Program
James Decker, CH2M Hill
Dave Wilson, City of Dayton Water
Communicating Your Utility’s Financial Position to Your Board and Customers
Joseph Crea
Raftelis Financial Consultants
Integrated Planning for Effective Resource Management
Jeff Eger and Kimberly Kennedy
HDR Engineering, Inc.
“JOINING FORCES” - A Look at Restructuring of a Water and Sewer Utility
Karen Hawkins, City of Fairborn
Dr. Thomas Marshall, ME / IBI Group
How to Maintain Asset Reliability: Hope Is Not a Plan
James Gross and Todd Krenelka
Columbus Dept. of Public Utilities
What’s Going On in Columbus
Rick Westerfield, Columbus DPU
Ken Ricker, ms consultants, inc.
Tom Bell-Games, Burgess & Niple
Gary Hopkins, Columbus DPU
Matt Leach, CH2M HILL
Mark Eppich, Columbus DPU
Matt Steele, Columbus DPU
Enoch Nicholson, CH2M Hill
Dax Blake, Columbus DPU
Kathleen Smith, ARCADIS
Jeff Coffey, DLZ Ohio
Greg Fedner, Columbus DPU
Products and Innovation
Michael Tuel, Xylem, Inc.
S. Rao Chitikela
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Omar Gadalla, Parkson Corporation
Yong Kim, UGSI ChemFeed, Inc.
Tina Odum, Badger Meter, Inc.
Patrick Brown
Tank Industry Consultants
Thursday, August 28, 2014 - PM Technical Sessions
Gary Williams
Simoni Triantafyllidou, US EPA, Office of Research and Dev
Eric Anderson, CHA Consulting, Inc.
Dawn Webb
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
V. Firat Sever
American Structurepoint
Wastewater Treatment
Lesley Gordon, CT Consultants, Inc., Dan Knecht, City of Euclid
Jerry Ussher, City of Springfield
Bob O’Bryan, Black & Veatch
Kathy Richards, City of Akron
Scott Phipps, Hazen and Sawyer
Eric J. Wahlberg, Brown and Caldwell, 
Harry Shaposka, NEORSD
Water Treatment
Attaining Water Treatment Goals in Challenging Situations: Are You Prepared?
Gary Logsdon
Jeff Swertfeger
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Timothy McCann, AECOM
Samuel W. Jacob, City of Elyria
Christopher Miller, University of Akron
Steve Heimlich and Elana West
Avon Lake Regional Water
Ted Blahnik, Williams Creek Consulting and Jennifer Miller Leshney, City of Lafayette
Tony Yee, MSDGC
Jared Hutchins, Black & Veatch
Marcus Lehotay, City of Fairborn
Marcia M Bland, EMH&T
Robert Ellinger, Columbus Division of Sewerage and Drainage
John Barton, Stantec Consulting
Utility Management
Robert Harbron, Black & Veatch
Harry Shaposka, NEORSD
Karrie Buxton, NEORSD
Rich Atoulikian, HDR Engineering, Inc.
Dr. Steven F. Schulze, Montgomery County Environmental Services
Tina Wolff, ARCADIS
What’s Going On in Columbus
Nick Domenick and Hunter Kelly
Columbus Dept. of Public Utilities
Dale Kocarek, Stantec
Jeff Hall, Columbus DPU
Steve Gooding and Brian Haemmerle
Columbus Dept. of Public Utilities
Steven Thompson, AECOM
C. Timothy Fallara, Columbus DPU
Friday, August 29, 2014 - AM Technical Sessions
Green Technologies and Stormwater
Jeff Rexhausen,
University of Cincinnati
Kelsey Hoffman, H.R. Gray
Kimberly Colich, NEORSD
Michael Seluga, NEORSD
Jason Sanson, Columbus DPU
John Herchl, CDM Smith
Andrew Reynolds, RA Consultants & MSD of Greater Cincinnati
Paul Bahs and Leah Buerman
Ohio EPA Director’s Update
Craig Butler, Ohio EPA
Mike Baker, Ohio EPA DDAGW
Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water
Karl Gebhardt, Ohio EPA DSW
Andrew Barienbrock, Ohio EPA
Justin Arnold
Kokosing Construction Company
Rebecca Slabaugh, ARCADIS
Residuals and Recovery
Mark Greene, O’Brien & Gere
Katie Jamriska
Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Cindy Fort and Karen Saavedra
American Structurepoint
Rob Shoaf, URS
Jim Fitzpatrick and Andy Shaw
Black & Veatch
Christopher Hubbard
Huber Technologies